Concerts & band shoots

Below is a list of concerts and a few band shoots and video shoots I took photos at, in the order I attended them. Including acoustic, rock, blues, ska, metal and hard rock. The best photos are on this blog and on my portfolio . Also see a list of my work experience and achivements under Experience.


  • Stamford Riverside Festival (Stamford, Lincolnshire, England)


  1. Reburn (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  2. Tonight We Die (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  3. aKING You and I video launch (Fly On The Wall Studios)
  4. Table Mountain Blues Summit 2009 incl. Albert Frost, Boulevard Blues and Dan Patlansky (Bloemendal Wynhuis, Durbanville)
  5. Farryl Purkiss (Marshall Music, Cape Town)
  6. Mee Brothers, Fallen Season and Tim Smal (Pinelands Methodist)


  1. Jack Hammer and the Lyzyrd Kyngs (Bart’s Tavern, Strand)
  2. Robin Auld with Barry van Zyl – Johnny Clegg’s drummer (Bertie’s Mooring, Gordon’s Bay)
  3. Andy Lund, Ian Henderson, Dear Reader (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  4. Steve Peralta (The Waiting Room, Long Street)
  5. Holiday Murray, The Curious Incident (Jammie Plaza, UCT)
  6. Holiday Murray, Captain Stu, Watershed (Sunshine Saturdays at Wynberg Boys High School)
  7. Gary Thomas (The Waiting Room, Long Street)
  8. Steve Peralta, Joshua Grierson (Mercury Lounge, Zonnebloem)
  9. Kurt Darren (Sunshine Saturdays at Wynberg Boys High School)
  10. The Little Kings, Captain Stu, McCree, Johnny Clegg (Sunshine Saturdays at Wynberg Boys High School)
  11. Coal, The Sleepers (Mercury Lounge, Zonnebloem)
  12. Stonecollar, When Karma Sleeps video launch, Saintfearless (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  13. Saintfearless, Kings of Vegas, The Ragdolls (Kunskafee, Durbanville)
  14. LMG 2nd Birthday Bash – ADHD, The Revelators, The Plastics, Jack Parow (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  15. Music Exchange showcase: The Stremes, Toni McMurray, Verity, New Holland acoustic with SA’s Got Talent winner Louwtjie Rothman, Reburn, Good Luck (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  16. The Mochines, Juggernaught, L.A. Cobra (Cornerbar, Durbanville)
  17. Watershed (Kirstenbosch)
  18. UCT RAG: Launch Your Band semi-finals – Escaping Larry, Nogapsbetween and Versus The Wolf (Jammie Plaza, UCT)
  19. The Rescue, Just Jinjer and Jack Mantis Band (The Assembly, Zonnebloem)
  20. Black Market Riots, 12th Avenue and Stonecollar (The Purple Turtle, Long Street)
  21. Obz Cafe open mic night 4 May 2010, including bands Kait and Friction (Obz Cafe, Observatory)
  22. Versus The Wolf (aka New Altum), then the Irvine music video launch (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  23. Arno Carstens (Fugard Theatre, District 6)
  24. Black Market Riots, 3rd World Spectator, The Sleepers (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  25. Obz Cafe open mic night 25 May 2010 (Obz Cafe, Observatory)
  26. Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple (GrandWest arena, Cape Town).
  27. Obz Cafe open mic night 8 June 2010 (Obz Cafe, Observatory)
  28. aKING “Against All Odds” music video shoot (Chevelle club, Harrington Street, District 6)
  29. McCree and Casette acoustic (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  30. Jack Hammer and the Lyzyrd Kyngs (Die Boer, Durbanville)
  31. Alive At Midnight, The Plastics, Reburn (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  32. Pretty Blue Guns, Them Tornadoes, Van Coke Cartel (The Assembly, District 6)
  33. Joint State, Heldervue, Box Office, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Reburn, Half Price (ROAR, Observatory)
  34. Summer Underground, The Mochines, Throatball (Mercury Live, Zonnebloem)
  35. aKING Against All Odds video launch (Chevelle, District 6)
  36. iScream at the Chocolate Stix (Baroosas, Observatory)
  37. iScream at the Chocolate Stix, Jack Parow (2OceanVibe party, Cape Quarter, Green Point)
  38. iScream at the Chocolate Stix (The Assembly, District 6)
  39. Obz Cafe open mic night 10 August 2010 (Obz Cafe, Observatory)
  40. Captain Stu music video shoot (Kenilworth house, Observatory streets, Woodstock rooftop, Harfield Station and Main Road Claremont)
  41. YourLMG 40th issue event. Natasha Meister, We Set Sail, Sidecare Fire, The Sleepers (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  42. Symphonic Rocks concert feauturing Flat Stanley, Louise Carver, Gang of Instrumentals, aKING, Watershed and Just Jinjer and with a 65-piece philharmonica orchestra (GrandWest Arena)
  43. iScream and the Chocolate Stix music video launch “My Cape Town” (Casa Blanca, Waterfront)
  44. Broadway Screamer, Evolver One (R.O.A.R., Observatory)
  45. Captain Stu E.P. cover photo shoot (District 6)
  46. Captain Stu (Silvertree Restaurant, Kirstenbosch)
  47. iScream & the Chocolate Stix (rooftop of Grand Daddy Hotel, Long Street)
  48. Red Carpet Murder, Lord Have Mercy (R.O.A.R., Observatory) and DJ Xeuno trance party (Gandalfs, Observatory)
  49. The Honest Politicians, The Little Kings, The Rescu, Plush (Spring Tide 2010 event, Camps Bay)
  50. Harry Brooke Junior (from UK), Daughtry (GrandWest Arena)
  51. iScream & the Chocolate Stix, Holiday Murray (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  52. iScream & the Chocolate Stix, Kombat Fudge (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  53. Captain Stu “Free Music” EP launch, The Nomadic Orchestra (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  54. The Planet Art Recording Studio session. Music Producer Jaime Sandoval.
  55. Animals Rock charity festival: Studebakers, Cannon, These 3 Words, Failing Forward, Downonthe First, Autopilot, Heldervue, Half Price, 7th Sun, Reburn, Cold Hard Chemistry (Hillcrest Wine Estate, Durbanville)
  56. Jess Yalop (idols), Irvine, John Ellis (of Tree63)   (Obz Cafe, Observatory)
  57. BLK JKS, 30 Seconds to Mars (2010/11/20 at GrandWest)
  58. 30 Seconds to Mars backstage Meet and Greet photos on the 2nd night.
  59. Synergy Live 2010 music festival near Franschhoek including Feeder. Took photos for When Karms Sleeps.
  60. ObzFest – Irvine, Captain Stu, Kait, Jinx.
  61. The Windy City (the Waiting Room)
  62. aKING acoustic, Civil Twilight (US). (The Assembly).


  1. 7th Son, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Mix n Blend (Zula Bar, Long Street)
  2. Save The Ears for Breakfast, Anton Syndrome, Heroes Wear Red (Joburg), The Inside Job, My Flawless Ending (ROAR, Observatory)
  3. Firefly, Scarlet Hill (Durban), Black Market Riots. (Mercury Lounge, Zonnebloem)
  4. Band shoot for Kombat Fudge
  5. Sloppy Folk (JHB), Car Boot Vendors, Half Price, 7th Son. (ROAR, Observatory).
  6. Big Concerts event – Rammstein live at GrandWest.
  7. UCT RAG Sunset Jam live event featuring Larry Joe and Rivertones (Wynberg park)
  8. Playing with Fire at Infecting the City arts festival (Cape Town Station Forecourt)
  9. Sailor Jerry event including Joshua Grierson, Albert Frost, Machineri, The Bone Collectors, Peachy Keen (Mercury, Zonnebloem)
  10. FreshlyGround concert on Castle Street, before the Equal Education march.
  11. Andy Lund, Black Bear (Armchair Theatre, Observatory).
  12. Roxette at GrandWest – photos.
  13. Plush at UCT – photos and video.
  14. Carol Thorn, South Africa’s leading electric cellist, at Red Carpet fashion show – photos.
  15. The Summer Underground, Hog Hoggidy Hog, The Rudimentals at Mercury.
  16. John Ellis with Aard Matthews open mic at &Union.
  17. Trinity open mic night, Green Point.
  18. YourLMG 50th issue event. Peachy Keen, Sabretooth, Taxi Violence at Mercury.
  19. The Arrows and the Script at GrandWest Arena.
  20. Band shoot for Firefly.
  21. Firefly acoustic at the Rabbit Hole
  22. Firefly recording in studio
  23. Stonecollar interviewed at UCT radio
  24. James Blunt at GrandWest Arena
  25. Coldplay at Cape Town Stadium
  26. Josh Groban at GrandWest Arena
  27. Dave Ferguson, Sixgun Gospel at Obz Cafe
  28. New Holland at the Assembly

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  1. […] Concert Photography Tips – DSLR settings July 16, 2010 You can see a growing of many list of concerts I have taken photos at, mostly small dimly lit clubs in Cape Town and a couple of large […]

  2. Hey Michael… Its Jeremy from My Flawless Ending.
    Its really great to see your photography.
    Your doing well.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Thanks for the sick photos from ROAR!
    Keep in touch.
    My Flawless Ending

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